"embracing the person, rebuilding the family and breaking the cycle"

R.A.W. D.A.W.G.S Youth Corps Gang Prevention Program

Who can Join?: Boys ages 5 to 13

How to Join?: Contact Compassion In Action 402-502-9890

Contact Person: CIA 402-502-9890

Get involved in the process of reentry.....

  • contact compassion in action
  • complete security forms for one visit
  • take volunteer training to become more committed
  • train to be a pen pal/mentor to a person confined in the correctional facilities
  • provide transportation for trips to the various state prisons

Compassion In Action provides training and support in all areas of volunteer services.

Compassion In Action is working in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and the Self-Betterment Groups in various state correctional facilities.  Self-Betterment Groups are run by long term and life sentence servicers who are not coming out anytime soon.  However, they still serve a purpose that benefits their life while serving their sentence and also can benefit the community they once offended in the following ways:

  • They have the advantage of inside contact
  • They can utilize community information to prepare residents prior to their release
  • they can partner with community agencies to assist with reentry preparation
  • they provide information from within the confines of prison walls that is beneficial for public safety.
  • they can assist the community in the process of transforming former criminals of society into 'champions' for the good of the cause, when they are released from prison.


Compassion In Action Inc.