Compassion In Action Inc.

"embracing the person, rebuilding the family and breaking the cycle"

We are a faith based, non-profit organization that serves individuals confined in the state correctional facilities and families affected by incarceration. We also facilitate the RAW DAWGS Youth Corps Gang Prevention Program for boys 5 to 13, breaking the cycle from cradle to crime.
Compassion In Action has been serving this population unofficially since 1984. The program was founded by Teela A. Mickles in 1994 and became incorporated in 1999.  We have extended our services beginning from behind prison walls, involving the community in the entire process of reentry. Thus transforming individuals who were former tax burdens to productive tax payers in our society.

Teela A. Mickles, Founder/CEO

 Compassion In Action Inc.

When one person is confined in prison, the family is locked up and the entire community is affected one way or another.  Compassion In Action connects the dots of society to assist in the recovery of all concerned and supports all efforts to bring families together. This is to break social cycles that foster negative mindsets and violent behavior leading to criminal acts and incarceration.  It takes an entire community to break the cycle and Compassion In Action is providing those opportunities for involvement. 402-502-9890

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This program is an incentive, military type program that offers positive alternatives to gang membership for boys 5 to 13.  The RAW DAWGS was originally developed by Dr. Joseph Jennings whose first program was funded by President George Bush.  Dr. Jennings provided Compassion In Action all the necessary material to establish his program in Omaha, NE in 2012.  After CIA relocated to it's current location to expand services to people confined and facilitate the RAW DAWGS Program, Dr. Jennings passed October 7, 2013, but his legacy continues with us.

The Pre-Release Education/Reentry Preparation Program provides confined individuals the opportunity to self-explore underlying, unresolved issues during their incarceration to make changes from within to change their behaviors.

Each person serving time in the department of corrections came from a home, in a neighborhood, in a community and they will be returning to the same.  Therefore, we all work together for the success of each one to become a community asset and not a liability

Serving the Community

  • Pre-release education
  • reentry preparation
  • prison transition
  • community reestablishment
  • family support
  • strengthening neighborhoods
  • community involvement
  • family reunification
  • holistic restoration

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